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The Labels

Founded in 1998 from it’s start, JDK has been releasing work that lies on the edge between Avant-Garde music and sound-art. Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, It has 2 labels that offer a variety of work from artists who live and work in this exciting city as well as from artists all over the world:

  • JDK - A label that highlights modern sound works from the best performers in the world.
  • Creamgarden- Created for the experiment and already known for it’s exclusive releases.


Being a independent organization JDK has the freedom to go further with artistic concepts and projects than is usually offered to artists. The personal attention we give to all our products and services has resulted in a successful collaboration with many performers.

  • "A new label! New Music for a New Century!" -- Pauline Oliveros
  • "JDK was great to work with on our recording - a real supporter of the artistic creative process." -- David Gamper
  • "In a town where piles of money are thrown regularly at smug, bourgeois, pretentious contemporary music institutions, it warms the soul to see someone like JDK going it alone and continuing to fly the flag of an alternative music culture. All the way with JDK!" -- Jon Rose
  • "It was very important to me to find a label that was open to experimentation and not yet tied to any commercially defined genre of music. Equally, I wanted to find someone that I could work closely with and trust. I am very pleased to be working with JDK." -- Stephen Vitiello
  • Heroic label that records the right people with the good notes.” -- Frances-Marie Uitti

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